Start kicking more asses. bragging rights is the name of this game!

A Social Blogging Platform  for Pokemon Battlers worldwide!

Looks great. Fun to use on all devices.

Members get access to daily battle strategies

Our main focus is delivering new cutting edge battle strategies to our members daily. We want to keep you informed and entertained constantly. Especially with what's going on with Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Members can create and publish their own unique strategies

Take a piece of the spotlight for yourself. Publish your own unique battle strategies and gain the respect and recognition you deserve. You will easily be identified as the author of your posts.

Cool Social Networking Features

Create your unique profile

A number of customization can be done to your profile. Among these are adding profile and cover photo. Every post you create will have your profile name and photo that links back to your profile.

Build friendships with other battlers

Ad as much friends as you want. Its simple. Just visit other profiles and click the "send friend request" button. Enjoy connecting with other passionate battlers .

Live chat with all your friends

Engage in live chat with everyone you ad as friend. Use live chat on desktop and mobile devices by clicking the chat bar at the bottom of your screen.

Follow other members and be followed

Follow other members by visiting their profile and click the follow button. Others can in turn follow you. Your followers get notifications whenever you create updates or posts.


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Elite Battlers Network - Social Blogging Platform for Pokemon Enthusiasts the world over!

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